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The department came into being in the year 1982 with the introduction of Science courses at the pre-degree level. Sri. Thomas Sebastian was the first member of the department. In 1983, Rev. Fr C.J Paul and Sri. Siby Joseph were added. Before joining the department, Rev. Fr. C.J. Paul served as a member of the Chemistry faculty in K.E. College, Mannanam and Sri. Siby Joseph was serving in a leave vacancy in St. Thomas College, Thrissur. The situation continued without any change until 1986. When Sri. Thomas Sebastian went on leave to Canada, Sri. Saju M Sebastian came in the leave vacancy on 05-11-1986. With the introduction of B.Sc. Chemistry in 1991, the college became a senior college. Sri. Saju M. Sebastian was appointed in the substantive vacancy in 1991. Sri. K. C. Joseph was appointed in the leave vacancy of Sri. Thomas Sebastian on 04-08-1992 and became a permanent lecturer in 1993. The B.Sc. course was full-fledged in 1993 and Dr. Ebey P. Koshy and Sri. George V. Thomas were appointed on 14-10-1993. Sri. George V. Thomas was in the leave vacancy of Sri. Thomas Sebastian. The smooth pace of the department went on undisrupted till 1999. The department also cherishes its proud achievement of three university ranks in the B.Sc. level till 1999. Ms. Nisha V (1994), Ms. Tinsy Lis Thomas (1995) and Ms. Sheeba Stephen (1997) have secured second, first and first ranks respectively.

In 1999, the department and the college had a big leap in its history. It was in 1999 that the first PG course, M.Sc. Chemistry, was introduced in the college and the college became a first grade college. When M.Sc. course was introduced, guest faculty became an indispensable constituent of the department. The first member of the department, Sri. Thomas Sebastian, tendered his resignation in 1999 and Dr. George V. Thomas was appointed as a permanent lecturer in his vacancy. The guest faculty served in the department from 2004-2011 includes Ms. Sweetlin Jose, Sindhu S, Nisha Manuel, Nisha John, Tessy Mathew, Thomas V Mathew, Priya Joseph, Kavitha S, Tincy Lis Thomas, Shine Joseph K, Anjaly Mathew, Fr. Sinu M Joseph, Sr. Sheena Augustine and Kavitha Jacob. The B.Sc. and M.Sc. Chemistry students of the department passed with flying colours in 2002. Ms. Shyla George of B.Sc. Chemistry and Ms. Panchami Prabhakaran of M.Sc. Chemistry secured second and first ranks respectively at the university level.

An event recorded in golden letters in the history of the department is the promotion of Rev. Dr. C. J. Paul as the Principal in the academic year 2002-2003. Subsequently, Dr. Siby Joseph became the HOD. The department became an approved research centre in 2005 and this marked a milestone in the profile of the department. Sri. Saju M. Sebastian and Sri. K.C. Joseph went on FIP leave for M.Phil. and Ph.D programmes respectively in 2005. Mrs. Sonia Mathew and Sri. Jofrin J. were appointed in the respective vacancies. Sri. Saju M. Sebastian returned from FIP deputation in 2006. Sri. K.C Joseph returned from FIP deputation in the year 2007 and was awarded Ph.D Degree in 2010. Further in 2009, Sri. Saju M. Sebastian went on FIP deputation for Ph.D and Mrs. Rino Laly Jose was appointed in the respective vacancy. Ph.D Degree was conferred to Sri. Saju M. Sebastian in the year 2014 and it was the first Ph.D Degree from the Research Centre of Chemistry. The faculty strength of the department further saw an increase in the year 2011 when Rev. Sr. Sijo Francis and Sri. Jose James were appointed as Assistant Professors on 27.06.2011 and 28.06.2011 respectively. A DST-FIST supported instrumentation centre was initiated in the department in the year 2011 and a well equipped Laboratory and an Instrumentation room were added to the infrastructure. The department bagged another rank in the year 2012. Ms. Karthika K. R secured third rank in M. G. University M.Sc. Chemistry examination held in 2012.

Sri. Thomas Sebastian, the first member of the faculty died after prolonged illness in the year 2013. In 2015, Dr. Siby Joseph, the then HOD passed away in a road accident. Dr. Siby Joseph Memorial Charitable Trust was registered in his memory by the staff and former students of the College. Following this, Dr. Saju M. Sebastian was appointed as the new Head of the Department. Sri. Jose James and Rev. Sr. Sijo Francis went on FDP leave for Ph.D in the year 2015 and Mrs. Tisha Raj and Ms. Ivy Thomas were appointed in the respective vacancies. Ms. Deena Paul was appointed as Assistant Professor in the vacancy of Dr. Siby Joseph on 31.08.2015. The achievement of Ms. Sneha Jose, B.Sc. student of the department, by bagging first rank in B.Sc. Chemistry examination of 2015 has been a proud moment for the department.


  • Ph.D
  • M.Sc. -Sanctioned strength: 12, No: of batches completed till 2015: 15
  • B.Sc. - Sanctioned strength: 36, No: of batches completed till 2015: 22

  • Certificate Programme in Soil Science
  • Dairy Science- Open course

Programme Outcomes(PO), Programme Specific Outcomes(PSO) and Course Outcomes(CO)

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  • B.Sc. Chemistry

    Batch% Of Result% Of The TopperRank,If any
    1994 91.20 97.10 Second
    1995 91.70 97.30 First
    1996 100 83.90
    1997 83.30 96.00 First
    1998 64.70 92.40
    1999 83.90 92.50
    2000 74.30 95.30
    2001 65.40 80.30
    2002 86.70 96.40 Second
    2003 84.00 89.40
    2004 81.25 90.60
    2005 90.00 95.10
    2006 96.60 95.60
    2007 96.60 89.20
    2008 55.00 91.40
    2009 78.94 83.60
    2010 77.27 91.50
    2011 66.66 75.60
    2012 79.30 90.00
    2013 82.14 91.25
    2014 81.48 95.75
    2015 90.32 97.00 First

  • M.Sc. Chemistry

    Batch% Of Result% Of The TopperRank,If any
    2001 60.00 68.21
    2002 100 84.14 First
    2003 80.00 77.00
    2004 100 76.30
    2005 75.00 78.60
    2006 81.80 79.70
    2007 87.50 80.80
    2008 77.77 84.45
    2009 87.50 80.59
    2010 62.50 81.95
    2011 72.72 79.36
    2012 91.66 85.72 Third
    2013 91.66 76.36
    2014 58.33 88.25
    2015 58.33 84.00

  • Chandy Michael Manjakkunnel Memorial Merit Scholarship – B.Sc. Chemistry toppers
  • Prof. Thomas Sebastian Pariath Memorial Schoalrship – It is awarded to a student of second year B.Sc. Chemistry on merit-cum–means and to the toppers of first year and second year M.Sc. Chemistry
  • Dr. Siby Joseph Memorial Scholarship- B.Sc. and M.Sc. toppers sponsored by Dr. Siby Joseph Memorial Charitable Trust

  • NET Coaching- Started since 1999. Sixteen students are qualified till 2016.
  • Remedial Coaching for weak students
  • Chemifest- Cultural fiesta of Chemistry students is conducted every year
  • National Seminars
  • Endowment Lectures
  • Quiz competition
  • Invited Talks

  • FTIR Spectrophotometer- Spectrum Two
  • Thermogravimetre Analyser- STA 600
  • UV Spectrophotometer
  • Elico Flame Photometer CL 378
  • Sherwood Scientific Magnetic Susceptibility Balance
  • Muffle Furnace Lab Plus
  • Department Library
  • Computers

  • Setting of Science Laboratories
  • Water Analysis
  • Soil Analysis
  • DRC Testing
  • Manufacturing of Soaps & Detergents
  • Demonstration Classes for School Students
  • Chemimagic

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